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Just living with plaque psoriasis can be tough. But working with it is a whole different challenge. Join Cyndi and other real patients as they discuss the realities of working with psoriasis—from the discomforts skin plaques bring to the frustrations of trying to cover it up. Here you can get tips and even share on your own social media, using #PsOatWork.

Cyndi is an actual patient who has taken COSENTYX and has been compensated for her time.

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Really loving your job is a great feeling. Even so, it’s sometimes hard to remember that when you have plaque psoriasis. Gary and Dewey know the feeling. They both love what they do. Gary, as a driving instructor, has watched people pull away when he's reached for the wheel or reached out to shake hands when he's had psoriasis on his hands. Dewey, as a prowrestler, has had competitors refuse to get in the ring with him—even after being told that his psoriasis wasn’t contagious. Hear their stories now, and share your own using #PsOatWork. Then, let’s learn from each other.

1 year agoOctober 16, 201816 October, 2018