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Just living with plaque psoriasis can be tough. But working with it is a whole different challenge. Join Cyndi and other real patients as they discuss the realities of working with psoriasis—from the discomforts skin plaques bring to the frustrations of trying to cover it up. Here you can get tips and even share on your own social media, using #PsOatWork.

Cyndi is an actual patient who has taken COSENTYX and has been compensated for her time.

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Working out has always been part of the job for Dewey. But being asked to clean the equipment in the gym so people wouldn’t “catch” his plaque psoriasis was too much. So he came up with ways to hide his plaque psoriasis. He even adopted a full-on trucker persona in the ring, which kept him covered in bandanas and jeans. He's telling his work story here so others know they're not alone. People with psoriasis—even hardcore wrestlers—just want to be treated like everyone else. Got a #PsOatWork story? Share it on social media now.

1 year agoOctober 16, 201816 October, 2018